Tools For Schools

You can help Chastain Road Elementary School earn money for books and supplies just by linking your Ingles Advantge card to our school!


How It Works

First, link your Advantage Card to Chastain Road.  Then, when you use your card at Ingles, a portion of your purchase goes back to our school.  It's that easy.


You must link your Advantage Card each year, so don't wait.  Link your card now and ask your neighbors, friends, and relatives to do the same.


How To Link What You Need
  1. Go to
  2. Click "Link Your Card."
  3. Find Chastain Road Elementary by name or by school code:  30697
  4. Type in your information and your Ingles Advantage Card number.
  5. Click "Submit."
  • Your 12-Digit Advantage Card Number:  Be Sure To Include the Small Digit on the Far Right
  • Chastain Road Code 30697

Thank you for supporting Chastain Road Elementary School!